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Main 2018 » August » 22 22 Mahjong Solitaire Games
22 Mahjong Solitaire Games
22 Mahjong Solitaire Games

Size : 1,34 Gb

22 Mahjong Games on one place.
Mahjong solitaire is a solitaire matching game that uses a set of mahjong tiles rather than cards. It is also known as Shanghai solitaire, electronic or computerized mahjong, solitaire mahjong and erroneously as mahjong. The tiles come from the four-player game known as mahjong.

The 144 tiles are arranged in a special four-layer pattern with their faces upwards. A tile is said to be open or exposed if it can be moved either left or right without disturbing other tiles. The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tiles under them for play. The game is finished when all pairs of tiles have been removed from the board or when there are no exposed pairs remaining.
Tiles that are below other tiles cannot be seen. But by repeated undos and/or restarts which some programs offer, one gradually gets more and more information. Sometimes, tiles are only partially covered by other tiles, and the extent to which such tiles can be distinguished depends on the actual tile set.


Changing the tile set and patterns from the traditional tiles to flowers, jewels or other items that may be easier to match up at a glance
Playing a series of different layouts with varying levels of difficulty
Adding "wildcard tiles" and other tiles that have special functions.

These games also have an optional time limit. They may also offer hints/cheat options such as the ability to have a match found for the player or to backtrack and undo already made moves. Additionally, most implementations of the game arrange the tiles in such a way that the game is solvable in at least one way.

The List of Games

2D Mahjong Temple Size : 51 Mb

3D Mahjong Deluxe Size : 61 Mb

Age of Mahjong Size : 131 Mb

Summer Mahjong Size : 50 Mb

Spooky Mahjong Size : 44 Mb

Space Mahjong Size : 55 Mb

Paris Mahjong Size : 32 Mb

Mahjong World Contest 2 Size : 34 Mb

Mahjong World Contest Size : 35 Mb

Mahjong Secrets Size : 138 Mb

Mahjong Mysteries Ancient Athena Size : 80 Mb

Mahjong Memoirs Size : 89 Mb

Mahjong Magic Journey Size : 45 Mb

Mahjong Gold Size : 61 Mb

Mahjong Easter Size : 28 Mb

Mahjong Carnaval Size : 59 Mb

Magic Bookshop Mahjong Size : 69 Mb

Jurassic Mahjong Size : 42 Mb

Halloween Mahjong Size : 30 Mb

Art Mahjongg Egypt Size : 132 Mb

Alices Magical Mahjong Size : 56 Mb

Worlds Greatest Temples Mahjong Size : 50 Mb

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