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Main 2018 » April » 19 My Disney Kitchen
My Disney Kitchen
My Disney Kitchen

Genre : Educational I Publisher : BAM! Entertainment
Developer : Disney Interactive Studios I Size : 457 Mb

My Disney Kitchen is a video game distributed by Disney Interactive.
The game is designed for young children to expand creativity and observation skills (in addition to learning how to cook). The game contains several cooking appliances and food items, as well as a breakfast station and a cake-making station. The player can also decorate the kitchen, change the wallpaper and decorations like the tablecloth.
In My Disney Kitchen kids can whip up culinary delights using tons of wacky appliances and gadgets. Using the recipe box as their guide, youngsters can select from an assortment of tasty treats. Kids can bake and decorate cakes, or try out their griddle skills as a short order cook. Joining in on the fun are the neighbors from across the street, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who love to stop by and visit the budding chefs in the kitchen. The art and voices are reminiscent of Disney's classic cartoons.
Kids love playing and experimenting in the kitchen.
This is their very own kitchen where they can mix, cook, make a mess, clean it up and play to their hearts content. Mickey and Minnie are your next door neighbors in this special kitchen.
The cupboards are packed with pots, dishes, utensils, food, linen and everything you need to become a great chef. See what is in the fridge or under the sink You can mix up some pancakes, pop bread in the toaster, make a yummy sandwich, or bake a chicken in the oven.
What happens if you don't put away your ice cream, or you cook things too long? Can you make relish? There are pickles in the fridge and a blender on the counter. Try making spaghetti and meatballs. Kids can explore and experiment for hours and hours.
You can make and decorate a cake in Make A Cake Oven or fix breakfast at the Good Morning Griddle. You can also redecorate your kitchen to suit your taste and set the table. Minnie and Mickey pop over from time to time to sample your creations or bring groceries and surprises.
There are 30 kid friendly recipes in the Magic Recipe Box that kids can try in the real kitchen with adult help. This is open-ended play and great learning fun that really stirs kids imaginations.


* Hours of fun with tons of food and kitchen tools to play with.
* 30 kid friendly recipes from the experts at Family Fun Magazine.
* Decorate your kitchen any way you want.
* 30 clips from classic Disney animated films.

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 95/98+ (works on Windows XP)
Pentium 90 MHz
30 MB hard disk space
16 bit sound card.

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