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Main 2019 » January » 4 NancyDrew 15 The Creature of Kapu Cave
NancyDrew 15 The Creature of Kapu Cave
NancyDrew 15 The Creature of Kapu Cave

Developer : Her Interactive I Publisher : DreamCatcher
Platform : Microsoft Windows I Genre : Adventure
Mode : Single player I Release date : October 2006
Size : 901 Mb

The Creature of Kapu Cave is the fifteenth installment in the Nancy Drew computer game series. Loosely based on Mystery on Maui, Creature of Kapu Cave puts the player in the shoes of popular detective Nancy Drew, meaning they see everything from her point of view. The game - including many different locations and characters - is solely in 3D animation.

Team up with the Hardy Boys® and Track an Ancient Legend Through Hawaii!
You, as Nancy Drew, go to Hawaii to serve as a research assistant to Dr. Quigley Kim. A devastating scourge is destroying the pineapple crop causing residents to whisper that a local research compound has awoken the legendary Kane 'Okala. Upon arriving, Nancy discovers the camp ravaged with Dr. Kim missing. Coincidentally, the Hardy Boys are also on the Island to complete a top-secret mission, but it's up to Nancy to uncover this intricate web of mysteries in Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave!

Features :

Play as Nancy Drew and Frank and Joe Hardy
Snorkel for shells and get hooked on fishing
Design shell necklaces to trade for Big Island Bucks
Choose from Junior or Senior Detective difficulty levels


Big Island Mike Mapu — Mike Mapu runs the Immersion Excursion with the help of his daughter Pua, but it seems like the tourists just aren't interested. He practically has to force tourists to catch fish, string necklaces, and go snorkeling. There may be something shady about the way he does business...

Dr. Quigley Kim — An absent-minded bug scientist, Dr. Kim is working to gain fame and funding. Too bad all the money is going to Craven's sophisticated facility instead. How far would she go to discover the latest breakthrough in entomology?

Dr. Malachi Craven — Known for his tantrums and running the Hilihili Research compound with an iron fist, this scientist has attracted the funds of many investors. Craven keeps his work highly secretive, so no one knows what's happening in his lab. What is he working on that he wants to keep top-secret?

Pua Mapu — She spends her days training to become a professional surfer and claims that she doesn't have time for anything else. Secretive and talented, Pua also helps her dad, Big Island Mike, at the Immersion Excursion.

The Hardy Boys — Frank and Joe are in Hawaii to investigate the Mapu family for any hidden skeletons. With a lucrative endorsement contract on the line for Pua, the Hardy Boys only have a few spare moments to lend Nancy a hand. Ned might be a little jealous, but they've got a mystery of their own!

Operating System : Windows XP/Vista/7

Minimum System Requirements:

1 GHz or greater Pentium or equivalent class CPU,
128 MB of RAM,
650 MB or more of hard drive space,
32 MB DirectX compatible video card,
16 bit DirectX compatible sound card,
 24X CD-ROM drive, mouse, and speakers

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