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Main » FAQ

What is "Guestbook”?

Guestbook is the oldest and the most popular way of feedback. Here is able to send reviews about Site and comment it.

Through Guestbook you ask for promotion in Checked User Group, after you have met the requirements for it.
First of all you have confirmed your registration via Mail.

How long I have to wait for a response for my promotion in Checked User?

Typically this is done as soon as someone from the site administrators see your request.
Maximum need to wait up to two days, but that is rare.

Why the owner of the site requires additional registration?

Owner of the Site require additional way of registration because
to avoid frivolous visiting guests as well as to not interfere with other normal members.
Such guests administrator immediately block the IP address and all activities on the site.
It will last as long as this site does not become what it's supposed to be, free communication among people.

What I can post in Guestbook?

You can post anything in the form of general questions regarding the Site.
Of course, do not overdo it because of all that you are interested, you can use the PM and Contact Us to administrator of the Site.

When you click on Wallpapers HD category link it shall be opened this window :

and left, down under main category menu it shall be showed submenu Section Categories where you can choose what you want to browse.

Here is example how open Childreen Wallpapers category

When you put mouse pointer over any of pictures, you'll see
wallpaper name and 2 buttons with which
them you can choose what style of watching you want.

By click on camera button you'll open only
picture what you choosed
and there is,
you can
better see
(and if you want coopy that picture
on your computer or directly set as desktop background.

If you click on second button on right side
will be open an additional window for searching wallpapers , however a small but very functional.

Above the stars you have button "play slideshow"
with wich you can watching all category
as slideshow.
And you can also increase it to be widescreen.

What is SaraDaddy Site?

SaraDaddy site is primarily designed to be a site for communication between people from around the world modeled after who knows how many there are of such a site.
And everything on this site is the place for fun, making our life just a little easier.

What is Download Zone?

Zone is the main section where are all the categories that contain material intended for download.


When you click on Download Zone in main Site Menu down bellow opens menu Section Categories.
For example
: software, PC games, movies, e-books, etc.
Choose what you want see.

I can't open Forum!

Forum is open for certain users groups only.
You must belong to at least Checked User Group in order to have free access.
If you do not understand ask the administrator.

How can I join to SaraDaddy Site?

You need to register if you want to see the contents of the site.
This in itself is not enough to have access to all the sections because you have to confirm registration via mail.In addition, you need to request permission through guestbook administrators to have access to all the sections.
If you have confirmed your registration via mail, it is not necessary but it would be advisable to notify us through the guestbook.
Otherwise you've automatically switch to verified user group by administrator.

Once you've registered as a verified user, you are free from all further activities of this kind.

I can't open Download Zone!

From time to time Download zone is open for certain users groups only.
You must belong to at least Checked User Group in order to have free access.
If you do not understand ask the administrator.

Forum Rules

Forum has its own rules.
To see them you have to enter there.

How can I register on the SaraDaddy Site?

Registration itself is reduced to a minimum of data about you because other data you can easily add through your User Control Panel.

the upper right corner above the search box is a link "Registration".

Clicking on it will open the registration window.

It is desirable that the way you read some rules of Saradaddy site at the bottom of the registration window.

After you all fill, on your mail will arrive a link to confirm your registration.

On confirming your registration, you have acquired conditions to be verified user.


Can I post my material in Download Zone?

Yes, you can.
But for that you must ask Administrator
for promotion from Checked User Group to Friends Group.

Please rate wallpapers by click on stars below pictures so we can see what are worse and we will replace them with new ones.

Why can’t I register?

It is possible the website owner has banned your IP address or disallowed the username you are attempting to register. The website owner could have also disabled registration to prevent new visitors from signing up. Contact a board administrator for assistance.

There is an easier way to search Download Zone?

When you open each category
at the beginning is the list of posts.

Why can’t I login?

There are several reasons why this could occur. First, ensure your username and password are correct. If they are, contact the board owner to make sure you haven’t been banned. It is also possible the website owner has a configuration error on their end, and they would need to fix it.

How open any post in Download Zone?

Well, there is no "Read More" button.
Instead you should click on main link of post in the top left corner, (see picture).

After that will be opened page with full information and download links of post , (see pictures).

I registered but cannot login!

First, check your username and password. If they are correct, then one of two things may have happened. If COPPA support is enabled and you specified being under 13 years old during registration, you will have to follow the instructions you received. Some boards will also require new registrations to be activated, either by yourself or by an administrator before you can logon; this information was present during registration. If you were sent an e-mail, follow the instructions. If you did not receive an e-mail, you may have provided an incorrect e-mail address or the e-mail may have been picked up by a spam filer. If you are sure the e-mail address you provided is correct, try contacting an administrator.

Download from Filefactory?

Main download links here are from Filefactory sharing service.

As a free
user of
filefactory service  your download will be with some restrictions.
As a registered user of filefactory service these restrictions are somewhat reduced.
When you click on any Filefactory download link here will open these windows :

This is example for download
"Assassins Creed IV Black Flag"
The game has 24 winrar parts for download. Size is 23,74 Gigabyte.
As free user you'll download this for 72 ours.
As premium user you'll download this for 12 ours

As a premium
member of filefactory service you do not have any restrictions.
This means that you can download at maximum speed, simultaneous multiple downloads, etc. and all other benefits which Filefactory provides its premium members.

We give you the option that your download from Filefactory be as premium user.
To request that you need to be verified user and specify what you want to download.
Of course, this applies to large programs, games, movies, etc. for that your download lasted for days but in this way you can have it for a few hours.

Everything here is free.
And if someone wants to be a premium member of filefactory, of us can buy a token via PayPal for a significantly lower price than what it offers Filefactory.
The amount of tokens is limited so be quick.
More information about this can be found in Site info

For everything about this you can contact administrator.

Why do I get logged off automatically?

If you do not check the Log me in automatically box when you login, the board will only keep you logged in for a preset time. This prevents misuse of your account by anyone else. To stay logged in, check the box during login. This is not recommended if you access the board from a shared computer, e.g. library, internet cafe, university computer lab, etc. If you do not see this checkbox, it means the board administrator has disabled this feature.

In login window you have "Hidden"option and you can check box if you do not want to see your name in the statistics block.
It is not advisable but that is at your

How do I prevent my username appearing in the online user listings?

Within your User Control Panel or in Login window you will find the option Hide your online status. Enable this option with Yes or check box and you will only appear to the administrators, moderators and yourself. You will be counted as a hidden user.

I’ve lost my password!

Don’t panic! While your password cannot be retrieved, it can easily be reset. Visit the login page and click I’ve forgotten my password. Follow the instructions and you should be able to log in again shortly.
In any case, you can contact administrator.

I registered in the past but cannot login any more?!

It is possible an administrator has deactivated or deleted your account for some reason. Also, many boards periodically remove users who have not posted for a long time to reduce the size of the database. If this has happened, try registering again and being more involved in discussions.

What does the "Delete all board cookies” do?

"Delete all board cookies” deletes the cookies created by phpBB which keep you authenticated and logged into the board. It also provides functions such as read tracking if they have been enabled by the board owner. If you are having login or logout problems, deleting board cookies may help.

What is COPPA?

COPPA, or the Child Online Privacy and Protection Act of 1998, is a law in the United States requiring websites which can potentially collect information from minors under the age of 13 to have written parental consent or some other method of legal guardian acknowledgment, allowing the collection of personally identifiable information from a minor under the age of 13. If you are unsure if this applies to you as someone trying to register or to the website you are trying to register on, contact legal counsel for assistance. Please note that the phpBB Group cannot provide legal advice and is not a point of contact for legal concerns of any kind, except as outlined below.